A restaurant without food?

July 28, 2008 § 1 Comment

And you create a whole new business model on that?

There is one founding concept that this whole model thrives on. Trust.  The patrons here are expected to bring/cook their own food and are given the spatial expanse of a old boathouse converted into a rustic harbourside restaurant.  And they leave behind any amount of money that they please in a little box.  The experience is built on trust and social interactions and not just on the food.  And the boathouse provides the ambiance that one cannot get elsewhere. Because then I’d rather cook at home and eat. The only reason I would not go to this place is because they do not have a toilet.  That is the only part I find quite lame.

I understand that some may argue if this is even a restaurant.  I would probably relate it more to a picnic spot in that case.  But then again, you are what you position yourself to be.  Actually, you are what your consumers perceive you to be.

So what would you think of this no-food restaurant?

I love the way how human emotions are a huge motivator for innovation in business, however cynical that sounds.  Trust, romance, community living, insecurity (insurance!), greed, honour etc have been made into numerous successful business opportunities in the past.  I wonder if one can make a business opportunity by harnessing the anger capital in any given place.  Do kick boxing classes qualify for this one?


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