Where you whiz past the Irritating Voice Response (IVR)

August 17, 2008 § 5 Comments


Sigh, if only my brain came up with such brilliant product ideas.  Can you imagine a company who deal with removing frustrations caused by phone calls from our lives?  Yes, I would pay to get rid of that.  Shai Berger has successfully identified a niche where no competition exists, not because others didn’t find it sensible, but because others just didn’t think of it.

Fonolo dials you deep into your call, skipping all the annoying IVR messages and taking you right to where you want to be.  This makes you think how thoughtful a company Fonolo is because they care to tend to our impatience.  On a positive note, they care for our time.

This product can only get slowly relevant in developing countries like India where a large number of people are just learning to use such systems.  But soon, the system is sure to pluck their brains out and then we can see Fonolo-India.


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§ 5 Responses to Where you whiz past the Irritating Voice Response (IVR)

  • Shai Berger says:

    Thanks for the post!

    – Shai

  • ranjani08 says:

    Anytime, Shai! I would love to hear more about your product ideas and how you plan to brand it etc. So let’s keep in touch. Thanks for the visit and good luck with Fonolo!

    Keep visiting!

    – Ranjani

  • Sagar says:

    Explain more about fonolo, like more about how u think it has come about, why it will be successful, a timeline for it to sink in on a broader usage, who it is targetted at, what effect it might have on us.

    You have touched upon these, but the topic is interesting and more detail/knowledge pls.

  • Arvind Ashok says:

    Yeah, Fonolo does seem like a thoughtful company that tries to alleviate a huge grievance, it also points to the unnecessary reason for its existence. That other companies are doing a balls-up job of keeping their customers happy and connected. Not just large companies, but small ones too. Customer service needs to be redefined, but till then Fonolo and getHuman are what can help us retain some sanity

  • ranjani08 says:

    @ Sagar : I found this idea really out-of-the-box and so quickly blogged about it. I shall update with more information soon! Thanks 🙂

    @ Arvind : Yep you’re right. These huge companies behave like service and delight is a luxury we cannot afford to want anymore!

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