October 9, 2008 § 5 Comments

Any effort that seems to go farther than would be necessary to achieve its goal.  Basically, beating a dead dog.  Overkill.

As I see it, overkill could be the cause for anything from the death of the US economy to the death of a friendship or any relationship for that matter.

But when you do your best to fix something, you suddenly realize that it actually required to go kaput to regain its lost strength.  Losing charm to regain strength is completely acceptable.  That is exactly how I see the US economic breakdown.  No more views.

Although, an irony overkill is this : Seeing an eighty-nine year old, terminally ill lady, meeting with a fatal road accident while she crossed the road.  Are you wondering who let her cross that road? Then you are plain silly 😛

The marketing overkill?  I obviously HAD to find one.

The marketing overkill

I think this is my most sleepy post ever.  Good night.


P.S:  I wrote this only because I was listening to this song. Please don’t ask me why I made a connect to the US crisis.  I’m just sleepy, pah!  But think about it, it makes sense.


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