A day in the life of . . .

December 10, 2009 § 6 Comments

Everybody loves gifts. I’m no different.  So my happiness knew no bounds when I met John, Paul, George and Ringo on the 7th of August 2009 at 10:15 am.  As thoughtful a gift/thought that it was, it also was a responsibility.  I was to be married shortly and suddenly I felt like I was handed a few babies to take care of! *sigh*, that silly cow.

The Fab Four were super cool and kept swimming about their day and having fun.  I’d secretly sing them a song each day, in my head, so that my silly colleagues don’t hear me and think I’m off the rocker. But this, helped me reaffirm and realize my undying love for the Smart/Cute/Quiet/Funny ones, the original.

The Beatles may have required “psychedelic experiences” to create something unbelievable like what they did, but I need absolutely nothing to be able to enjoy it. To sink in it. To drown with it. To sleep with it. To love it. To breathe it. As cliche as it sounds, music is my therapy. People who know me well would know that I listen to almost *any* kind of music and find a connect out of everything to music. I relate phases of my life to songs, yeah, I’m cheesy like that 😛

Anyway, I should agree that I wasn’t the best caretaker of the swimming Fab Four and did a sad job of giving them food on time.  And they begin to pop off, one by one. As much as it made me upset, I can proudly say that it was fantastic to host the Fabs in my cabin.

After all, Happiness is a Warm Gun.  So, Let it be.



§ 6 Responses to A day in the life of . . .

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