April 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Your product will survive in a crowded marketplace if you stop advertising and start innovating.

Funny how when I google-d this title, I found sMARtKETING and BRAiNDING, two companies have been formed by the time I could come up with oh-so-cool blog post 😛

Note to self – You’re never the first one to think of an idea, you’re cool only if you implement it before others.

sMARtKETING and BRAiNDING have various examples all over the web.  But as I see it, creating a sustainable competitive advantage is what should be the aim for both.  Because however strong your idea is and however unique your product is, its not for too long.

Somebody is always watching.  Copycats these days a smarter than before.  They call themselves, inspired.

Q (After a long break)


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