So how much is TOO much?

April 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

I wake up this morning to know that my friend back home had a headache yesterday.  And that another friend ate in Taco Bell after ages.  And another friend’s mom had just finished reading a book.  And my cousin ran a mile . And another friend has some infections… You get the drift right? (Yeah yeah, I check FB as soon as I wake up, and so do you :P)

It sure is nice to know that all these people, if not for minor glitches, are doing just fine.  But how much information is too much?  We have heard of people livestream weddings, which is fine because you want to make sure that your distant loved ones do not miss important events, but what about tweeting/status updating/whatever else about your upset stomach or about what you ate today?

Well, I maybe wrong here and maybe a lotta people have the need to use some platform to share their feelings, trivial or intimate.  But I find it hard to digest that people stage fights and confrontations on public forums, just to catch the attention of random friends who discuss it over a drink later that evening.  I feel personal interactions need to be personal and kept outside the walls of social media, just because it spawns the bored and jobless to comment on your life.  Why would I want my not-so-close friend in Australia to know about my UTI :-s! Or why should my cousin in Delhi know that I’m not friends anymore with XYZ? Social media can be used to engage in intelligent conversations, reminisce over old times and memories, reconnect with old friends, expand your professional network, read about thought-provoking events across the world… There is just so much more you can do!

This is when I miss e-mails (Oh, I got over snail mail a while ago!).  An email from a friend that starts off with my real name (no @Luv4Al kinda crap), goes on to tell me about relevant, interesting details about themselves lately, asks me about me and my family and what I’ve been up to, includes an interesting link that they know I would love, and also not forget to tell me that they miss me because I’m far away from home 😛 (Ok, that was a bit much :))

Basically, the question I ask here is, how much is too much? Thoughts?


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