When my skills met philanthropy…

July 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

Great insight on Social Entrepreneurship

4 months ago, when I set foot in San Francisco, leaving behind my parents, my best friends, my city, my pani puri, my beach, my start-up, my music, my red scooty and a few other important things, as scary as it was I decided that this is my chance for a fresh start – clean slate – a time for me to rethink what I really wanted to do, be and gain from what life had to offer me. ¬†A time for me to hone my skills, seek new opportunities and live like every single day was a yummy cupcake ūüôā

Marketing, Music, Social Entrepreneurship, Fitness – all this became of prime importance. ¬†The real awesomeness stepped in when I was able to put my marketing skills and my passion for social welfare together by working with one of the most path-breaking organizations in philanthropy – UniversalGiving. The organization is a web-based marketplace that allows you to donate and volunteer with top-rated, fully vetted and legit projects that could use your help! ¬†UniversalGiving takes on the responsibility of fully vetting and registering NGOs on the site. ¬†The coolest part is the revenue model that is followed to run the above website without taking a cut on donations! ¬†Since 100% of the donation you make goes towards the cause, the actual revenue model is based on CSR consulting provided to big-wigs in today’s economy who have are into philanthropy as well! So not only does this model encourage people to donate and volunteer without worrying about where their money is going, it also makes UG sustainable and constantly willing to cross boundaries and do more for the community!

Our Founder & CEO, Pamela Hawley is a true daily philanthropist and definitely walks her talk. ¬†Apart from being a successful social entrepreneur, recipient of various prestigious awards and a celebrated San Francisco personality, she is a wonderful person to work with and is a truly genuine person who believes that every day is a gift! ¬†She strives to keep our environment alive and always inspiring all of us in tiny and large ways. ¬†I’m sure none of my co-workers would disagree.

UniversalGiving has taught me and is still teaching me great values with every passing day.  This definitely is one of the most valuable and enriching experiences of my life and I would like it to continue for a long time to come.

P.S: Do check out our company blog at Philanthropost! I write there as well ūüôā


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