Madras sans Hoardings – Eyes wide shut

July 25, 2008 § 2 Comments

Before April 2008, I could see blue.  I could see yellow.  Pink.  Red.  Orange.  Purple.  I could see various other colours whose names menfolk reading this cannot comprehend. (Men cannot understand words like teal :P) All of this on the colourful hoardings that adorned Madras’s skyline.

But there was one colour that I rarely saw.  Green. the natural, leaf green.  The greenery of the city has climbed to a higher strata through the removal of hoardings all across the city.  It was quite pleasant to see the leafy greenery which have been in hiding behind those multi-hued boards screaming out to the public.  But what does this open up?  As I whizzed past T.Nagar, I saw rusted roof tops, ugly buildings, broken and dilapidated skyscrapers(?) et al.  The removal of all these hoardings have opened our eyes to more than just the greenery.  Or has it?

As a community, we need to understand and be aware of the constituents that Stagnate, Contribute or Derail the city and its environment.  The hoarding ban has caused various repurcussions and realizations.  Advertising has taken a huge hit, event management companies have lost a way to announce to larger audiences and people now actually are more surprised seeing the free space and greenery rather than being awestruck looking at a Vodafone ad.

But my focus is more on the questions that have been thrown up.  What is the corporation doing about how dirty the buildings are and how dilapidated the surroundings are, now that they are more visible?  Why are the long posts that hold the hoardings still sticking out into the sky?  What sort of mass advertising is taking the place for hoardings (Internet?!)?  What are the electrical wires spoiling picturesque photographs?  How will the roads make-do for the loss of lighting from the hoardings?  Is there adequate city lighting through street lamps?

Also, this showed me that Madras will be Madras because of its people’s pure love for it.

So now that the doors are open to more questions, shall we start looking for some answers?  I will update when I do figure something out 🙂


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