Where will preceeds hunger…

December 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

1 year 1 month and 24 days… That’s how long it’s been since I wrote on my blog.  And if I am not writing this post now, I would personally equate myself to scum.

I’m gonna cut the pleasantries and head straight to why I came back to write… Irom Sharmila.  “Oh that Assamese lady who’s been on a fast for a while now for the AFSPA Act?’ and “Man, her protest is truly humbling” and “Wow, I wonder how she still hasn’t gotten as much media as anybody else would have” – a bunch of lines that I’ve been hearing about this … umm… lady.

I don’t think I can really fixate on a certain adjective for her.  Is she stupid? Brave? Crazy? Persevering?  Revolutionary – yes. Steadfast? Simple? Hmmm, I’m quite lost for words, surprisingly.

A lot has been written, spoken and deliberated about this lady and her protest and Government reactions have been tracked as well.  She has been periodically arrested and released stating that her protest is an attempt at suicide!  Many say she hasn’t received the media attention that she should/could have for political reasons.

What hurts me the most is that I sit here and write this post, almost unable to do anything about this? Or am I able and not doing anything about it?  That is a question we all need to ask ourselves.

Let us assume that newspapers, TV channels, doctors, social workers, journalists have all done their bit in bringing her protest to light.  But as citizens who are more privileged than Irom, what have we done for her cause? This question is haunting me and I am unable to go through my regular busy work day.

I am still thinking…  I need to do something, however small or big. And I need hands of support.  More on this will follow…


As I sign off this post, I am headed out for lunch.  Because there is only one Irom Sharmila.


Is hunger satiable?

September 7, 2008 § 7 Comments

When some random child on the road begged me for five rupees to eat, little did I realize that I was soon going to understand a lot more about this boy than his hunger.  And a lot more about a certain corporation‘s marketing excellence.  And a lot more about the Maslow’s little triangle.

I saw a little boy running towards me and when told me he was hungry and he needed money, I suggested that since he is hungry, I would buy him the food he wanted instead of giving him some change.  Readily the boy agreed.  When we went to a nearby hotel that served biscuits and samosas.  That is when I had his squeaky voice say “Pupsi dhaan venum”.  Pepsi.  I offered him some filling snacks and all he wanted was a Pepsi.

As I ponder more about this, I don’t know whether I should marvel at the branding & distribution genius in PepsiCo or worry about the little kid’s perception, or just be happy that I was able to satisfy his small want beyond his actual need.  The boy was visibly lacking nutrition and needed some wholesome food.  What does his need/want for that Pepsi indicate?

The shiny advertisements, the huge stars to endorse the brand, the easy access and of course the summer to accentuate the want… This is probably why the little boy wanted that one Pepsi over a square meal that he is missing.  But is this the customer Pepsi wants?  Beyond poverty, beyond hunger, beyond access, the boy was clear about what he wanted.

So many questions and thoughts raced through my head and I was wondering whether I should buy that Pepsi for him.

I did.

The look on his face when he saw the bottle, as he was drinking the cola, and after he was done, was priceless.

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